Arkitektfirmaet Friborg og Lassen har siden 2021 været en del af RUM.

Frederiksberg School

Flexible school and greenhouse for the local community
The concept of the new school is a synthesis between energy, educational and technical analyzes. Most of the original school had to be demolished due to PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyl) contamination. Through an integrated designing process and floorplans drawing, an optimized, flexible school and greenhouse has been developed for the local community.

Users involvement, educating citizens and implementation days

The development of the project starts with including users into it. During the construction work, an art course was carried out with all the students, which resulted by incorporating decorations with the building.

A school can contribute more to its community than just educating

New Frederiksberg School has been developed with the focus on the school, as a local culture center and desire for use of school´s activities together with existing sport hall. Therefore, the building is predisposed with the strict strategy for optimal interaction with the public, multi-use and physical organization so all of it works well together.

Rune Fjord Studio has made pieces and created a large work of art together with the students of Frederiksberg Ny Skole in Sorø, designed by RUM. The pieces include the iconic blue soundproof box, as well as reading spaces, podium landscapes, that encourage active learning and play. The artwork has been developed in a co-creation process with the students, which lasted over a year and half, which was supported by Huskunstnerordningen.

From niches to auditoriums – variation in learning environment

The school has a wide variety of learning surroundings that encourages individual work, diverse learning styles, group work and joint events in the auditorium and studying center. On each department, learning and art are included as iconic elements.

The interaction of body, learning and art are included as iconic elements in each department.

Outdoor spaces with diverse use

The vision is to develop outdoor spaces that are exciting and inspiring and that support different uses throughout the day, week and year. The outdoor space is divided into several zones, each with their own character: ‘The Urban Farm’, ‘The Sciences’ and ‘The Gardens’. The outdoor space around Frederiksberg School is designed with many arrival halls, so that the school’s area is naturally connected to the existing trails and the surrounding neighborhoods.

A basic sustainability strategy

The project was developed based on a basic sustainability strategy that handles demanding environmental conditions and is purposefully programmed so that every area of property is used optimally – both during school hours and as an offer to the local community’s leisure users. Finally, the project was developed in close cooperation with partners.

An integrated design process focusing on low energy led to a significant facade solution.