Arkitektfirmaet Friborg og Lassen har siden 2021 været en del af RUM.


New Headquarters for Denmark’s Largest Auto Wholesaler, Rørup
With an optimally designed and energy-efficient headquarters spanning over 40,000 square meters FTZ manages to gather knowledge, innovation, and expertise under one roof. RUM has conducted an exhaustive needs analysis and consequently created the design that supports an agile work culture and matches future requirements.

The design makes core activities visible…
One of the architectural concepts behind the new headquarters was to bring FTZ’s core activities to the forefront in the everyday life of customers, trainees, and employees. Therefore, one of the specific design approaches was to create a fine view of the cars in the loading areas, driveways, and the warehouses from the arrival situation.

… and promoting collaboration at the modern workplace
The headquarters is also designed to promote collaboration within the company culture. Designing a common entrance for all employees, guests, trainees, and staff from all departments has achieved a better contact across the company. A common gallery path is established with social amenities, ad hoc-based meeting, and work areas. The gallery path and a central atrium provide access to dining areas and common meeting rooms, thereby becoming the social meeting room where everyone in the building meets again across functions throughout the day.

Optimizing space and DGNB Gold Certification
The project is designed with a clear sustainable agenda and is aiming for DGNB Gold certification. During the design phase, the building’s square footage was optimized, energy-efficient solutions were chosen, and as many as possible CO2-reduced building materials were chosen for the construction of the building. The building will also be fitted with solar panels on the roof.