Arkitektfirmaet Friborg og Lassen har siden 2021 været en del af RUM.

The Karré House

Modern apartmens and retail in the city
The Karré House is ’first mover’ in the new neighbourhood at Horsens Harbour. The masterplan covers more than 70.000 m² of high quality architecture aimed for both public and private residents, commercial and retail placed attractively between the sea and the city.

The Karré House – 157 modern apartments for families

RUM has designed 157 new modern apartments for families for the client Andelsboligforeningen Odinsgaard in new urban area Jernlageret.

The new apartments represent different sizes from 65 m² to larger ones at 115 m². All flats have large balconies from which most of the residents are able to glimpse the sea and, furthermore, access to nice green outdoor spaces at one the city’s most attractive plots near to the waterfront.

In the meeting between the city and the sea

The conceptual design of the Karré House is meant to break down the large block into smaller units to better adapt to the existing surroundings. To achieve that effect the building varies in both height and the façade is jumping. Also, the color and the façade material is changing from unit to unit.

From the semiprivate courtyard of the building there is a short distance to the public squares at the waterfront and to the promenade, which is a multifunctional outdoor space at where the citizens can enjoy the stunning views and obtain a close contact to the sea.