Kolding HF & VUC – New school

RUM won the competition of designing a new school for Kolding HF & VUC, which is a school that offers education on similar level to High School. The school is placed in Design City Kolding – a new district close to the city center founded on sustainability, new ways of cooperation and innovation through design.

The building, which the Minister of Education inaugurated in April 2015, appears as a very dynamic composition with various heights. From a distance, it seems like a rock formation that arises with soft topography to the northeast and steps of plateaus to the southeast and northwest. The facade is designed with wide bands made by a copper-like aluminum. These bands mark the floors horizontally and follow the organic design of each floor. Towards the square, the composition forms a distinctive townhouse with tall, precise facades and towards the valley it is more like a landscape that reflects the hilly terrain.

Kolding HF & VUC is characterized by a very broad spectre of educations which lead to a high diversity of students. The school offers a mature environment shaped to suit both individual training and a strong community of the students. The program for this school was calling for rethinking visionary, diverse learning spaces.

Atrium focusing on acoustics and social interaction.

Atrium focusing on acoustics and social interaction

The new school consists of four floors, as well as a parking basement and a lowered floor with sports facilities. The central atrium of the house was designed, so it suits both logistics, group work and informal stay. The scaling is relatively close and the acoustic design has been paid great attention to.
Roof terraces creates green open spaces at all floors, which consistently ensure a high integration between the outdoors and the indoor learning environment.

The new school buiding was nominated as ’School of the year 2015’ and the architectural award winner also in 2015.

The program for this school was calling for rethinking visionary, diverse learning spaces.