Arkitektfirmaet Friborg og Lassen har siden 2021 været en del af RUM.


28 attractive social housing units with street charm in Uldum
Thanks to a ‘well thought out architecture’, amongst other things, Østjysk Boligselskab won the right to build on the former town hall plot in Uldum. The construction of 28 new public housing – under the name Rådhusparken – is of vital importance to the town. The project has been developed in close collaboration between Østjysk Boligselskab and RUM.

The housing project that contributes to the beautification of the city

City Hall Park helps ensure the future cohesion in Uldum town centre. The intention of the project is to create a new residential building that is scaled up, as well as a natural architectural extension to the historic district of south Østerled. The homes centre around a park and a street corner and promote an already planned beautification of the town.

Social housing for all ages that motivates socializing

The project consists of 28 attractive, high-quality rental apartments with a location that motivates socializing and an adventurous nightlife. The homes vary in size, ranging from 75-115 m2. The building will thus be able to attract the young, old, singles, couples and families. The dwellings are made as double houses and small chain houses on one and two levels respectively.

The arrangement of the houses ensures the airiness of the plan whereby a good view into the green park space is visible from every one of the dwellings.

The building is built in robust, durable materials with a long life

The houses appear as small single houses with a clear modern expression in solid, reliable and robust materials. The low facades and steep pitches give the buildings an archetypal profile that is associated with a classic village. Facades and roofs are covered with slate in changing warm grey shades. In contrast to the hard-slate cladding, the distinctive high gables are covered with untreated wood. Over time, the wood trim will patinate to a natural silver grey and thus appear in beautiful harmony with the slate surfaces.

On a summer’s day, the area is rich in scents, silence, talk, laughter, bird song, edible greenery, flowers of all colours, varied textures and butterflies dancing in the air.

The green heart of a building to stimulate the senses year round

The park itself, the green heart of the settlement, is designed as a piece of nature and a breather in the middle of the city. The park is planted with varying types of grasses, trees, shrubs and flowers, leaving the senses stimulated all year. Some of the planting includes edible varieties such as fruits and berries. The design of the park will strengthen the population of animals and insects in the area.

Rainwater overflow pond creates experiences close to nature

The central pond serves as a rainwater basin that collects water from the entire area. From the square, the water flows, via a twisting stream, to the basin. The pond can store up to 500 m3 of water. The wells are planted with watershed vegetation, which acts as a biodegradable filter. This contributes to the purification of the water, thus an improvement in water quality.

Small wooden bridges are placed along the pond. Here you can sit by the water and read a book, enjoy your picnic, play with small boats in the water, catch insects and more. Likewise, one can imagine that the bridges or platforms could function as platforms for small events, in connection with the Uldum Festival.

The new urban space creates opportunities for various activities and events. For example, in connection with the Uldum Festival.

Transition zones create a natural relationship between private and public

The homes have their private terraces facing the street. The distance to the path links as well as a finely landscaped fence meaning that the terraces are private and screened for viewing, while allowing residents to keep an eye on the passing street life. This ensures that it feels natural to use the recreational environment around the pond both for the residents of the property and the citizens of the town.