Arkitektfirmaet Friborg og Lassen har siden 2021 været en del af RUM.

The Canal Houses

Homes with great location at the waterfront
The Canal houses are constructed in the new neighbourhood, Jernlageret, at Horsens Harbour. They consist of 10.000 m² of private residents in three blocks in a fantastic position along the new water canal.

The Canal houses are built in a unique place with direct contact to the water for all users. The three blocks with each five stories have the artificial water canal as the closest neighbour and the promenade as the link to the city centre. This close relation to the sea is a rare luxury which in this case is aimed for both youth, elderly and families.

Green terraces to enjoy the outdoor life

The apartments have various sizes from 75 to 118 m² and they have balconies facing south and west which means all users have maximum possibility for enjoying the outdoor life close to the sea.
Outdoor wide corridors give access to each apartment and give the users the possibility to grow their own urban garden and to have a green a spot for enjoying the morning sun.

Build on a plinth leaning over the canal

The residential blocks are constructed on top of a large plinth. This plinth protects the buildings from floods and the ground floor apartments are cantilevered from the insights from the public spaces around. Underneath the cantilevered part of the blocks is created a passage for pedestrians along the canal. It provides a short cut to connect the city and the harbour as well as a possible access into the water for divers or kayakers.