Arkitektfirmaet Friborg og Lassen har siden 2021 været en del af RUM.

The Harbour Houses

New appartments with great wiew to the harbor basin
The Harbour Houses is a clear mark in the new neighbourhood, Jernlageret. Placed right on the edge to docks these buildings are crucial for the development of the new part of town.

The Harbour Houses consist of two terrace house, that steps up from three to eight stories. The buildings seem to raise from the dock and connect to the newly establish water canal. The Harbour Houses also serve to frame the new public space: The Harbour Square, from which all citizens will have access to platforms right down to the sea.

94 new apartmens with urban gardens

The Harbour Houses have 94 new apartments all with private, roof terraces with unspoiled views and the rare possibility of growing your own urban garden.

The two buildings are placed angular to each other which mean they create an inner courtyard which connect both to the Harbour Square and to the Canal.
This green outdoor space opens towards the harbour to absorb the ongoing life.

A great view to the dock and the inlet of Horsens

The design of the Harbour Houses has clear reference to the marine style – both when it comes to the shape and the choice of materials.

All apartments will have an extraordinary view to the dock and all way through the inlet of Horsens towards the open sea.